I remember the day Rebekkah had walked into the Shoppe looking for her first job. She had no previous experience in the industry but she had a special twinkle in her eye and a spark of kindness that caught my attention. She thought she couldn’t handle working at the front with the public, so she chose to work in the back learning the importance of food handling, dishwashing, and all about the products made here on location.

After a couple months of Rebekkah working here, she chose to merge her high school Co-Op placement at The Nutty Bakers Food Shoppe. During Co-op hours she would help me at the front of the Shoppe, slowly developing confidence to answer the phone, take orders and hone her customer service skills. She is a natural with people and is always giving 110% effort.

She wears many hats (or aprons) at the Shoppe now! She has perfected our very own Granola, making it crunchy! She is an expert box maker, takes care of inventory control, packager, and label maker. The latest skill Rebekkah has been learning is editing our website with tutorials through Zoom calls. I would still not have a website if it wasn’t for Rebekkah’s help and patience. But the event I’m most excited for Rebekkah to experience, is voicing our ad for our upcoming Valentine’s Day! I think she has found many potential talents and skills and I’m very happy she came in one day and asked for a job!

“Working at The Nutty Bakers Food Shoppe has been the biggest blessing, I was always worried to work a job I loathed, and I got the exact opposite, I enjoy coming to work every morning, time flies when I am here and then when I get home I cant wait to get into bed to start all again tomorrow. There’s something about the kind hearted customers and how supporting they are, or the way that Anna and I feel like an unstoppable super team that conquered the world on super busy days that’s what makes me love this job.” – Rebekkah Bowers