Happy 3 Year Anniversary! 

The Nutty Bakers Food Shoppe has actually been around since 1997 beginning in Kirkton, Ontario, on the family farm. The founder was my Mother, Mary Szabo with my younger sister, Sara.  I joined a few years later when I was changing things up in my life only intending to help out for a short time.  We first started selling products at Gibaralter Trade Centre in London, Ontario, then adding Trails End, St. Marys, Exeter, and Stratford Farmers Market.  Our products were also being sold at Kitchener Market, Evergreen Brick Works, Pustateri’s, and many small shops in Southwestern Ontario. 

In 2016, I found myself needing to downsize and was drawn to Owen Sound and called this home.  The newer, smaller version of The Nutty Bakers opened on Dec 7, 2017.  I will not sugar coat it {even though there is alot of sugar here} it has been tough! Now, I do like to go against the grain, do things on my own and take the path of MOST resistance so maybe it is my own fault.  But here I am, still surviving! I really cant say where my energy and motivation comes from but I wake up everyday and want to get to work to so I know this rocky road is the right one. 

 All I want is to make good food to bring a smile to your day and I hope I can continue to do this!

I want to thank my Mom and Dad for all their support, all the local businesses, all the “nutty” bakers and staff that have helped along the way and most of all you!


The Nutty Baker of Owen Sound